Chairperson Report AGM 2019


In presenting the report on behalf of the Board of Trustees I am mindful of the people who have contributed to Heritage Health Medical Aid Fund’s 2018 modest results given that the Fund commenced its business in June 2015 implying the Fund is just over three years old.

I want to thank all the members present at today’s AGM - we appreciate your efforts to be present and your continued support as members of the Fund. To my fellow Trustees and the principal officer, I have had the privilege of working with you and helping to maintain a fierce determination to preserve the relevance and “independence” of Heritage Health’s founding principles allowing access to affordable healthcare while curbing out of own pocket costs.

During 2018 there have been certain achievements, and which have a rewarding impact on the members and our expression of thanks to the Administrator who with their determination has brought this to fruition.

Risk Management:

Applying proper risk methods ensures cost-controlled payments and which directly impacts the annual increases.

Uniqueness of Heritage Health:

Having a benefit design which is unique, and which caters for specific needs within a cost-effective environment makes Heritage Health a leader and even more so in times of economic recess.

Targets and Initiatives for 2019:

Heritage Health is now set to move forward to the next stage of securing itself as a competitive stakeholder with the principle target being to grow the membership base.

We have introduced several new benefits for our members for the year ahead and which in many cases again makes your Fund unique setting new standards:

At the centre of all that we do will be the continued innovative client service and unique product design. The ethos of the Fund will remain the same regardless of any challenges that we may face as the Fund is owned by its members and it is in our interest that it should succeed.

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