Downloadable Forms and Documents

Although we are always happy to see our clients in person, we know how stressful your days can be. This is why we have designed our services so that most of them can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

On this page we provide you with applications, forms, important documents, and additional information relevant to your health cover at Heritage Health Namibia – Healthcare that Cares.

We have created all our forms in a way that you can open them with your PDF reader application (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please print the document, complete all fields, sign it where applicable, and send the physical signed copies to us, or have us fetch them from you.

Membership Applications & Information


Heritage Health Benefits & Contribution Plans (2021) Heritage Health Membership Application Form (2021) Heritage Health Comprehensive Plans - Hospital & Day to Day (2021) Heritage Health Comprehensive Plans - Monthly Contributions (2021) Heritage Health Hospital Plans (2021) Heritage Health Hospital Plans - Monthly Contributions (2021) Heritage Health Optional Day to Day Plans (2021) Heritage Health User Guide (2021) Heritage Health Wellness Benefits (2021) Group Quotations Information Required Clinical Supported FitBit: Brochure Clinical Supported FitBit: Application Accident Injury Report Chronic Medication Registration International Travel Benefit - What to Do Maternity Benefit Registration Oncology Motivation Application Oncology Treatment Request Pre-Authorisation Request Request Repatriation Benefit Application

If you feel any downloadable documents, applications, forms, or any other information is missing on this page, please let us know.